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Robotics 2 | Gr 5 and up

Sundays at 2 pm | 16 class sessions | Mar 3 - Jun 16

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • FIA @ maker works

Service Description

Mar 3 - Jun 16 Cost: $40 per session, billed monthly at $160 for a total of 4 months. Robotics 2: Advanced Engineering, Autonomous Systems, and Real-World Applications Dive deeper into the universe of robotics in this advanced course tailored for students who have already embarked on their robotics journey. Here, we'll not only refine the skills you've acquired but also introduce you to the complexities and wonders of autonomous robotic systems. Course Highlights: Complex Robotic Architectures: Dive deep into advanced robotic components, understanding the intricacies of sensors, actuators, and embedded systems. Advanced Programming with Arduino IDE: Master advanced coding techniques and principles that can help your robot perform more complex tasks autonomously. Introducing Autonomous Systems: Learn the principles of robot autonomy, including pathfinding algorithms, obstacle avoidance, and decision-making protocols. Sensor Integration and Calibration: Integrate various sensors (like infrared, ultrasonic, and gyroscopes) to enhance your robot's environmental awareness. Robotic Communication: Discover how robots communicate with each other and how to design systems that can "talk" to other devices or networks. Real-world Robotic Applications: Explore how robotics is used in various industries, from healthcare to agriculture, and even entertainment. This includes case studies and possibly guest lectures from professionals in the field. Design Challenge: As a culmination of the course, students will be tasked with an engineering challenge. They will design, code, and deploy their robots in a simulated real-world scenario, pushing the boundaries of what they've learned. Career Pathways in Robotics: A bonus module that introduces students to various career opportunities in the robotics domain, along with guidance on academic and skill pathways. Recurring Payments – Customers are billed monthly for 4 months. While most students continue through the whole course, we understand conflicts arise. Upcoming payments can be cancelled before the 25th of each month by contacting us online or phone: (207) 671-6284. We also offer the option to pay the full course amount upfront with exclusive discounts!

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  • 3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


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